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Viking Music Concert

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Saturday 26th at The Portico of Ards, Steel Dickson Ave, Portaferry, Newtownards BT22 1LE:

The concert starts at 8 pm following the torchlit parade and declaration of war by the followers of King Magnus Barelegs at the steps of The Portico. A wonderful line-up of local and international talent will get your feet tapping.

Adults only

Festival ticket price £10

Sean Parry

The music of Sacred Knot is inspired by the ancient cultures and artwork of Northern Europe. Fronted by Sean Parry of Sacred Knot Tattoo, it combines an almost tribal drum sound with his Welsh heritage for this unique show.


Ravensdale is a medieval folk-inspired tavern band. The mountains and seas of Ireland feature heavily in their work. Ravensdale will open the Viking concert at The Portico. They are talented musicians and songwriters and play an array of recreated ancient instruments to form their unique sound.


Seidrblot are the up-and-coming band in the Nordic folk/shamanic genre. Based in England and fronted by Spanish national Visy Bloodaxe, they supported Heilung on their last European tour before the outbreak of Covid 19. Many will remember their performance at The Barbican in York, which was Heilungs last concert before pandemic lock downs came into force.

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