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Peg Loom Weaving

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

In use during Viking times, Christine Casey is the foremost exponent of this weaving method. As part of the Viking Festival, come to Christine on Sunday 27th and learn how to use a peg loom a technique used by Vikings to make e.g. bedrolls and strong, outer garments that were fairly weatherproof. Whilst we will not be weaving quite on that grand a scale, this workshop will let you have a go, using unprocessed (though clean!) sheep fleece on hand-made peg looms to create something that you can take home with you.

All equipment and materials supplied, and tea, coffee and homemade scones available too. Sunday 27 March. 2-5pm, max 6 participants at a cost of £50 per person. Venue: 6 Loughdoo Road, Kircubbin, BT22 1HJ To book phone 07968 342 928 Email:

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